Sunday, June 07, 2009

Okonomiyaki tasted in seoul

It was after a long interval that me and my sister visited 'okonomiyaki' restaurant. And it was the first time for us to try that food in Seoul. After shopping, we became very exhausted and starved. My sister saw one food program on TV about okonomiyaki, which showed a restaurant in Myung dong. Atmosphere and interiors of resto was not too much japanese, so it's fine. Staff was very kind. We ordered dinner set composed of okonomiyaki, fried noodles, other japanese fried one. And we ordered another take out menu for my parents. Food was good, very hot. As okonomiyaki takes time in cooking for about 10 minutes, we could fill out our empty stomache with other set menu. I drank up also draft of Asahi. Quantity was so little. Price of resto is in general a little expensive. However as a special menu, it's fine fro0 time to time.


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