Sunday, September 06, 2009

Swellfish family menu

A friend of my brother opened a swellfish restaurant in Shinsa Dong. He recommended a family set menu just available for weekend. This family set has two courses; A and B. A course is composed of fried one including sweet and sour one, vegetables seasoned with vinegar and other condiments, soup. Price is 20,000 won(VAT is excluded), B course is 15,000 won. We ordered A course and specially swellfish cutlet. In the occasion of my sister's birthday, we had a dinenr there. This restaurant is two stories building. It's so quite big. Price was very reasonable, and quality was so good. In ase of lunch menu at week day, it was 40,000 won. Next time, I wanna try that. I heard that famous football players visit this restaurant as soon as they arrive at Korea from away match.


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