Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soba restaurant

Recently japanese documentary introducing sake culture and soba tradition made me love for Soba and Alcohol. Thanks to these programs, I could learn how to have tasteful soba. Just dip the half of soba as I want to take into special soba sauce made with soybean sauce, ground radish, etc. While taking the remaining part of soba that was not dip in that sauce, soba dipped into sauce meet them finally inside mouth. So these two parts can be mixed between simple soba and soba dipped into sauce.
I met Eun A in area of Hong Ik University. As we didn't know which restaurant is famous and has reputation as their food, we had to look for a restaurant where can offer special taste. Finally we found a soba restaurant, which looked recently opened. Entrance and their atmosphere, decoration looked like Japan. However food was not so much delicious. I chose soba set with different Tampuras. Tampuras were not freshly fried, that means it seemed to me that oil was not so fresh or in good quality. Sauce for soba was so salty. In spite of it, I could enjoy different style of restaurant.


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