Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cold kalguksu and dumpling

For me who is working close to Yeok sam station, something has me worried these days. As I do not know well this area, every lunch time,I should think of where I should have lunch, what good menu will be for today, etc.
Today, I got internet's help. I searched tasty restaurants in Yeok sam. I found two candidates to visit, however although I walked aroung as per introduction of blogger, I couldn't find one of them.
As it was already closer to 1 o'clock, I had to select any restaurant.
Today's menu was kalguksu, handmade chopped nooddles. As I chose that restaurant without any beforehand information, it was like a challange !
When I was about to order, one special menu stroke my eye. What ? Cold kalguksu and dumpling. I have never had cold one !

Actually it was very pleasant experience of tasting new menu. It was quite tasty. That restaurant only use local natural and fresh farm products with a name of farmer, which gives much confidence to customers.
3 big size dumplings and some kalguksu. Some chopped kimchi and slices of radish were garnished. Personally, I didn't like so much these kimch and radish, because I don't like so much mixes. I believe that in general mixes of different dishes spoil ratherly our appetite. Except bibimbap or salad, I do not like so much mixes.
Anyhow, in the midsummer, I could be happy at a special soup of cold dish. I wanna go one more time.


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