Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Untasty ice caffee latte

I don't know since when I addicted to coffee. When I stayed in Ireland, I loved so much americano. Whenever I took train or waited for somebody at meeting place, I drank always americano. However, when I came back to Korea, I discovered that I did not like any more americano, instead, I preferred to drink caffe latte.
It's not easy to find good coffee shop in Seoul where big coffee makers like Starbucks, Coffee bean are flourshing.

By chance, I came to know gloria jeans. After taking their caffe latte, I became a big fan of their coffee(however in comparison with starbucks and coffee bean, we can find them here and there)

This morning, the heat is in full swing just passing second of the three dog days called as Jung Bok, I couldn't bear the heat so I entered Coffee bean asking ice caffe latte. Oh dear ! I regretted having ordered caffe latte without any confidence in them. They pourred so much milk into caffe latte. I could just taste milk, oily taste ! I left some time until ice was melted a little to dilute milk.
What I do hate is to drink untasteful coffee. If I ordered hot coffee, coffee should be very hot, not tepid. In case of gloria jeans, their caffe latte is very strong although they put some milk. In my case, I asked them to reduce quantity of milk, if possible to have stronger coffee.

Anyhow, I was so much disappointed at careless varistor who doesn't understand how much important role they are playing and what their responsibility for coffee mania as varisor, who wants to start a day with fresh mind is.

PS : In spite of it, I think that coffee bean is a little better than starbucks.
I like greeny interior and atmospher in Starbucks, not coffee ! Sorry for that .


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