Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sea Squirt bibim bap

Close to my office, I discovered a sign with restaurant specialized in Tongyeong in southern part of Korea. Although I have never been there, it was introduced through TV there are many restaurants and special foods such as sea squirt bibim bap. Yesterday when I arrived there, sea squirt bibim bap was sold out. Oh my god ! Contrary to my expectation, too many quests ordered that food. Today I challenged again. Yes, as soon as I entered the restaurant, serving lady greeted me saying that today we still have sea squirt.

Finally Sea squirt bibim bap was served. It's the first time for me to taste it. It was expected how taste it will be.
There were some green spourts, which seemed to me strange mixture with other vegetables and especially sea squirt ! Anyway, after putting some red chili-pepper paste with vinegar on the rice, I mixed with sea squirt and other vegetables. Taste ? It was so so. Frankly speaking, it was slightly salty.

This restaurant serves sides dishes such as stir-fried anchovies, etc. For the soup, sea mustard soup made of mussel.

Maybe I won't try again ^^


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