Sunday, August 08, 2010

Toast made by clumsy lady

Recently, as I arrive at office very early in the morning, around 7:00 am, although I have a breakfast(very lightly), I feel hungry around 10:30.
Near to our office, there are two small simple stands selling toast and kimbap. I tried toasts from both stands, however one closer to our office offered better taste. For example, they put some cabbage on fried egg with vegetables before putting two sides of bread for toast. And their taste was simple, not salty. Another stand offered very salty toast without cabbage. Today I went to 1st stand to buy toast to satisfy my hunger, which later I'll feel definitively. However I was so disappointed. Actually,since a few days, that stand was kept closed. I supposed very easily they were on vacation. However today I could understand why stand was closed. When I ordered vegetable toast to a middle aged lady, I said her not to put mayonnaise sauce. It seemed to me that her face looked very unfamiliar. However as I couldn't exactly remember how her face was, I just believed that she was a right person who made toast in the past time. Her making toast seemed to me so unskilled. When she turned egg, she tried to turn it although one side of pourred egg was not yet cooked. She showed a few times of turning until finally pourred egg was cooked.
And in the intermediate time, she sprinkled a spoon of sugar. No way. I shout " why are you putting sugar ? " She tried to remove sugar, however sugar powered already was melted on the top of one side of pourred egg. Besides it, when she put sauce, she put also mustard. i.e, she mixed some kechup and mustard sauce. No way.
As I saw everything how she made the toast, frankly speaking, I lost my appetite. In spite of it, I expected that maybe taste could be contrary to her skill. Yes, my expectation was wrong. Toast was not so much tasty.
Ah, from tomorrow, where do I buy toast ? How may I satisfy my hunger ? With what ?


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