Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tokyo Panya

I don't remember when, recently when I go to underground of department store, I wonder that here is Korea or Japan ? Of course, in variety sense, here is Korea. I like very much cakes and desserts like japanese people, and I regret that our dessert culture is not so much developped. However when we go to some bakery shops, cafeterias, that are spring up here and there, we can understand how western culture is bening introduced so much rapidly to our life.

Today in Hyundai Department store, I found a japanese bakery. Just before I read an article introduced through korea herald.
After trying to break into New York’s music scene for nearly four years, former punk band singer Fujiwara Yasuma laid his dreams to rest. This fujiwara yasuma opened this tokyo panya. I didn't know that last July, a bakery was opened near to hakdong station.

I bought some curry breads, melon breads, breads with strawberry red bean. In case of curry breads, taste and flavour of curry were stronger than curry croquette "Koroke" with less vegetable such as onion and carrots. Bread with strawberry red bean was a little sweet but taste was very different. It was the first time for me to have that taste. In comparison with normal sweet red bean, it gave difference.

In Hyundai department store, there were not many kinds of breads. Next time, I'll try to go to a bakery near to Hakdong.


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