Sunday, May 15, 2011

New menu - Bento

Owner of a restaurant which I'm a customer promoted their new menu on the occasion of coming summer time. It's Bento. As their food is quite delicious, I looked forward to tasting new menu. However as soon as they served bento, I was so surprised. It was not exactly bento. Firstly, differently from bento, they put rice and other stuffs in a round container, gererally used for rice covered with different stuffs such as rice with tuna, rice with eel, rice with left sushi, etc. They spread a white rice on the ground of that container, and then it was decorated with 3 pices of port cutlet(they were not actually hot and yummy, like instant pork cutlet that we can see in a restaurant near to middle/high school, very cheap), 1 fried shrimp(it was very small and not so much appetizing, hot very hot, just warm, it was already fried before lunch time to save time certainly), 1 lotus root boiled with soybean sauce, 1 umeboshi, some slices of pink giner, some slices of cucumber pickle, one small rectangular of pumpkin. I didn't enjoy so much. As side dishes covered onto rice were so little, I left half of rice. Price is so high in comparison with quality. I think that firstly they should change to very hot and solid cutlets - pork & shrimp, and increase numbers of cutlets. This food is originated from Japan. I expect a bento covered with very hot and delectable cutlets. Today, I'll be hungry very shortly although I had a lunch.
Of course, when the owner asked how taste of this bento was, I said very simply " it was very delicious " In korean mind, we can't criticize and complain someting directly. That is not good manner. Anyhow, miso soup was very good - hot and tasty.


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