Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mugworts Buckwheat pancake - Jeon

It’s really spring ? Although its arrival is not yet palpable, nature tells us that 1st season opening this year, Spring came to us with flowers – yellow forsythias, hot pink azaleas coming into bloom here and there.
Among vegetables, what is the representative of the spring ? That is a mugwort.
Yesterday, my mother bought some mugworts from local market. Selling old lady who picked them from the mountain (?) recommended to my mother to griddle buckwheat pancakes.
Firstly, she prepared mugworts(In general, Korean foods need much hands) and mix them with buckwheat and water. At frying, you should be careful to make flour very very thin, and leave them until outer side became brown, well-panfried.
It’s very natural, fresh, and healthy food. I could put whole spirit of spring into my mouth. Humm.. How many pieces ? Don’t be surprise ! 4 pieces. Of course, as jeon was very thin, I didn’t feel at all that it’s too greasy or heavy. Thanks for mom. Although it was very late around PM 9:30 to 10:30, I did really enjoy world of jeon, especially harmony of buckwheat and mugwort.


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