Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abalone rice porridge

Abalone is one of seafoods with a very clean taste. In Korea, it’s very famous food material for patients such as rice porridge as its high nutritive value. Therefore it’s expansive. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a promotional stand for natural, fresh, still alive abalone at the underground Department store. I bought 2 packs, that one pack is composed of 5 pieces. Shop manager gave me a very fresh and raw ones transported from Wan Do(island). This morning, I made rice porridge with them as breakfast. First of all, they should be mixed up with a spoonful of seasame oil. It’s very clean and light taste ! When abalone turn brown, mix-up with spoon. And pour rice soaked in the water over night with some water. Leave them boil for about 7-10 minutes. Very easy.
On the other hand, my mother put the shell of abalone into clam soup. Originally clam soup was very dense and salted like a taste of sea. However addition of abalone shell into clam soup made its taste denser and thicker. It’s good also as raw abalone, well sliced by dipping it in red chili-pepper paste with vinegar


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