Monday, April 02, 2012

At the rainy day

Today, it’s raining, more or less heavily. I love the rainy day like today. I prefer a little heavy one, not light drizzle. So I love U.K and Ireland where I stayed for a few years because of this rain. Whenever it rains, I don’t know why but it makes me so happy, sometimes a little melancholy, lonely, however more delicate and contemplative. I want to enter a cafeteria where I like visiting very often and have personal time siropping hot coffees or chocolate. Of course, daily menu can be changed depending my state of mind. Today ? As it’s quite warm, I love to take just simple Americano very hot but dense with the base of Italian espresso. Of course, I’ll harmonize it with sweet apricot croissant(Italian style) or almond one.
In Korea, it’s not easy to find a good level’s bakery and patisserie. Whenever I go to hospital, I pass a patisserie called as Eric Kayser. Yes, he’s a famous patissier in French. He opened one shop in the middle of Seoul just close to Westin Chosun Hotel. Early in the morning, they sell a special brunch menu, i.e if you take sandwich, hot coffee is freely served. It’s good !
As that area is touristic surrounded by different palaces, and located in the underground of Westin Chosun hotel, there are quite many Japanese who are waiting in the queue to buy coffee or breads. I bought there some éclairs – chocolate, caramel and other small muffins.

As per meteo, it’ll be raining almost whole day long since yesterday. I’ll be very happy and so relaxed hearing rain drop. Now I’m writing taking a very hot buckwheat tea instead of coffee. Anyway it’s so romantic ~~~


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