Sunday, April 01, 2012

Expert on redbean porridge

I have been obsessed in Redbean porridge since I became to know how to make it through my mother. At the first time, my mother made it for me. Secondly I tried to do, of course its result was so horrible. As I spent too much time and energy as well as red bean + gas, I couldn’t throw them away. As Redbean porridge needs much hands keeping stirring it, I can’t be at all absent minded during its making time. My mother told me that a little high price of this porridge at the restaurant specialized in porridge is too normal considering attention and hands input into this food.

I found my own recipe, very easy and tasty. I don’t know whether this way is the best or not. However as per its taste, I have confidence in myself. I well developed my own recipe. It’s not so much difficult. Firstly, what is the most important is the ingredients, i.e I should well boil redbeans until when they are crushed, i.e redbeans should be well boiled. As boiled water of redbean is poisonous, first water should be spilled out. Put redbeans a little crushed and slightly moist into a crusher just two or three turns. As they were already crushed, crusher made them juicy. Secondly important thing is rice. Rice should be well soaked for at least over 6 hours. In general, soaked rice for 3-4 hours can be porridge. However, when I tried them, it was not enough. Please leave then as long as you can. The best time is over night.

1. Pour soaked rice into the pot
2. Pour a little more water, very little
3. Boil them for 5-7 minutes ( Please start to stir them from time to time not let some grains of rice stick to the ground of pot ! )
4. Crush boiled redbeans with some water
5. Pour them into the pot and mix them with rice
6. Keep stirring not leaving redbean soup stuck in the pot
7. Turn off the gas burner when middle or large size bubbles are formed => This is the sign that redbean porridge is being boiled and so hot

Rice should be 1/3 of red bean soups. If rice is too much, porridge has not much juice. On the contrary, its taste is too simple, because I do not put any sweet one such as sugar or honey. For the dessert, juicy porridge is the best without rice. However other ingredients should be supported. Marron, gluent rice cake called as mozzi, cinnamon powder, some sugars… Personally I prefer redbean porridge with a little rice. It’s so simple !


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