Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ca D'oro

Italian friend of mine introduced me an italian restaurant, exactly venetian restaurant, which name is Ca D’oro, named after a palace on the Grand Canal in Venice. As italian guranteed its taste, I brought another italian friend to try it. He also appreciated their selection of menu and level of quality. Owner came from Venezia. Although I visited a few times Venezia, I did not think that venetian has their specialty. Frankly speaking, I can’t remember their menu. Just I remember that I tried a nocci with walnut recommended by owner. It was very simple and tasty as main dish( personally, I prefer pasta or light fish as main dish) As a dessert, he recommended a very soft one topped with soft and simple cream, which base is almond. For the appetizer, I enjoyed beef carpaccio with cheese and fresh leaves.
The general interior looks very nitty and simple with white colour. The arrangement of table is also very modern. I went there a few times, however since almost 1 year, I have never been there. Recently, my friend informed me that that restaurant was closed. Oh my God. It’s disappointing. Of course, I don’t know the reason, just I guessed that there were not many guests... The size of restaurant was quite big, whenever I went there, there were not many guests. Frankly speaking I wondered that food was so fresh and good, however there were not many peoples who appreciated that.. There is another italian restaurant where we believe good in Itaewon and Chungdam dong. However italians judged that even those restaraunts either did not represent their typical style. More over it, in general, they are very expansive. Any how, I so miss Ca D’oro


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