Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bibimbap with Sea squirt

Generally speaking, I don’t like so much sea squirt, however bibimbap(mixed rice) with sea squirt is different. When we go to Japanese restaurant or resto of raw fish, sea squirt is served as side dish before main dish – raw fish. A certain person said that sea squirt should leave until when raw fish is all taken, because a little sweetness of sea squirt can paralyze our tong, therefore it can’t appreciate real taste of raw fish. Me ? I take it already as soon as it is served. ^^

How to make Bibimbap with Sea squirt ? Easy peasy.
Put a bowl of rice, and arrange different kinds of vegetables such as cabbages, sprouts, slices of carrots, slices of onions, slices of cucumber. Powder slices of dry seaweed and a handful of ground seasame. Sometimes egg of sea urchin.
Today, I swallowed a big bowl of fresh spring. Harmony of fresh sea squirt and seasonal vegetables. Before taking it, resto served some side dishes – grilled mackerel pike, wild herbs, and rice porridge including some fish.
At Spring, one lose easily appetite. Why not trying to make bibimbap with sea squirt to invigorate ?


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