Sunday, April 08, 2012

Oyester buckwheat pancake

There is a program that discloses hidden truth and side of food behind distribution, production, consumption hosted by producer Lee Young Don, which introduces also a good restaurant selling safe foods in a right manner.
Last Saturday, their subject was buckwheat which I like very much. At the same day, I made oyster pan cakes with buckwheat powder. Of course, I used them made of 100% pure buckwheat not adding even 1% of flour. As buckwheat is quite expansive(over 20,000 won per small bag), and has a low viscosity, most of restaurants even specialized in buckwheat foods are using mixed buckwheat powder with flour. This informative program with the role of consumer ombudsman disclosed how many restaurants are lying that they are using buckwheats powder more than 30%. Even a certain product just used 1%. It’s so amazing. To introduce a good and honest restaurant, they visited a restaurant located in Kang won province, a place famous for buckwheat. They are using 100% buckwheat. As its viscosity is too low, they had to make it on spot as soon as order is made. As appetizer, a buckwheat pancake is served. It’s so thin like changhoji(a traditional korean paper made from mulberry bark for window and doors) and chinese cabbage is in it. On top, owner’s wife decorated with chopped green opinions into small pieces. I love it. And they served also buckwheat jelly. Pancake is free of charge. I think that jelly is paid. As main dish, evaluators composed of food expert, food researcher, cook, food journalist ordered noodles. As per Kangwon region’s tradion, chef asked them to mix simple buckwheat noodles with different sauces such as soybean. Differently from other mixed noodles, they were not servied as already mixed with sauce and other vegetables. Evaluators did really enjoy its taste of noodle as it is, they acclaimed simplicity of buckwheat noodles. As they ‘re so touched with level of quality, they ordered jelly for their families.
It seems too far because that restaurant is located in Kang won province. However someday, I do want to visit that. Today, I made pancakes. Main base is buckwheat, and oyester. I tried to make it very thin and crispy. Yes, i twas very delicious. Whenever I see that kind of food ombudsman, I become so sceptical what consumer should take outside and why they’re playing the game with foods.


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