Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lunch Box

Since about 1 week ago, i.e my company moved to new building located farer from my house than before, I have prepared a lunch box. Lunch box is likely too high-sounding, I prepare some rice cakes, seasonal fruits – pineapple, strawberry, persimmon, banana, rice cookies.
There are too many people who are rushing to the canteen, and all day long, as I should be with colleagues, I need some personal time such as listening to the music, reading magazines or books while taking some light meals. Hot tea also is good. So I decided to prepare lunch box to have free time. In Korea, salary man doesn’t get used to carrying lunch box.
Today, I made pancakes with mugworts prepared by my mom last night(I’ve already introduced pancakes of mugworts ) Therefore I’m so busy every morning. Although I wake up around AM 5:20, I have not enough time to do everything with time. I have to have a breakfast, grill rice cake(it’s one snack out of what I like the most), put fruits into lunch box,,,, Today I had a quick breakfast with grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel and fresh cucumber. Yesterday, I left my lunch on to the table in the kitchen. Sometimes, my memory fails me.. Today ? safely, I brought all.. Although it’s not yet lunch time, just 11:00, I feel so tired. It is resulted from morning’s hurry up ? At any rate, I’ll be able to enjoy my lunch with relaxed.


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