Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fish

This time is the first time I saw the movie in a long time ago. My best friend Jung yun invited me at " Introduction to Architecture " which main actor and actress are Um Tae Woong and Han Ka In. It was very funny, fresh movie, not too much romantic indulged in past memories. The director knew well where the limit between the present and the past is set. Listening to the music " study of recollection " performed by a singing group < Exhibition >, I could recall my days in university - music that were popular in those days, wearing way such as brand,,,
Me and my friend could be dipped in a very happy moment. With the sweet impression, we moved to a raw fish restaurant called as < The Fish > located near to samsung station. I am their customer. This restaurant is famous as infinite refill. In general, this kind of restaurant downgrades the quality of food from 2nd serving, however this restaurant serves exceptionally same quality of food all the time. That is good. Although inside environment is not too luxurious, it looks quite cosy and clean like japanese style. As young men run this restaurant, entire environment looks quite young and modern. They serve only one menu, raw fish costed to 38,000 won. When I visited for the first time, it was 35,000 won. As I love raw fish, and I liked the arrangement of foods, I brought my family also.

When it's too crowded from 7:00 - 10:00, it's not so comfortable, because as they're so busy, we should call them every time, for ordering a drink, asking to bring more raw fish, etc. Last time, when I was with my family, it was the worst. Although we called a few times, they brought food very late, or didn't hear our calling.... Today, we visited here around PM 10:00.
My friend ordered Jung Ha, a kind of light rice alcohol. As I can't drink alcohol at this moment, I couldn't enjoy drininking with friend chattering. I regretted it.

They do not serve too much side dishes that we can meet very easily in other normal restos. Instead, they serve grilled shrimp, shi sa mo(in japanese, I don't know english name). I did really enjoy raw fish. I'm so happy although I'm so tired. Our dinner lasted until 12:30


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