Thursday, March 14, 2013

Romantic afternoon tea at Ritz

After 24 hours before reservation, a table for afternoon tea was set. Everything was well arranged.
I tried afternoon tea menu in America.
There are main two course with tea or hot chocolate.
When hot chocolate was firstly served, I didn't like so much, because hot chocolate was so warm, not too hot like a feeling that cocoa was not well mixed with milk because of low temperature. It was not actually real melted chocolate. It was mixed with much milk. As I expected real real hot and dense chocolate, it didn't meet my expectation. However when 2nd pot was served, I enjoyed, because it was quite hot and denser than 1st pot. More interesting discovery was that they used ground almonds. That intensified a last flavour.
House mashmellow was served with Hot chocolate. However as I do not like at all mixing, I had some mashmellows not dipping in Hot chocolate. It was not so sweet and good.

1st course is composed of different mini sandwiches - traditional egg salad, Smoked salmon with Dill cream cheese, Main Lobster with Tarragon Aioli, Marinated Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil. Instead of tanglewood farms chicken salad, they served 2 cucumber salad without chicken. It was good. Especially Maine Lobster with tarragon aioli was great. Of course, I love traitional egg salad.
As I love egg salad without fresh onions, so spicy,,, whenever I took the flight at Dublin airport, I had alwasy egg sandwich with cup of coffee at Butler's chocolate shop. I loved their egg sandwich.
2nd course is by petit fours - opera, peanut chocolate tart, smores macaron, bar cocoa, tiramisu, and warm scones with house preserves ad davonshire cream. I love the harmonized spread of davonshire cream and very thick strawberry preserve. It is so nice. Although I wanted to have more,,,,,,

Why I love afternoon tea ?
Because whenever I have afternoon tea, I feel that I go back to old days like a movie ^^
It's so romantic, isn't it ?
However today, as I was alone, they didn't set real afternoon tea plates with different floors dedicated to afternoon tea sandwiches and cakes. They served normal plates.
To feel so thirsty, I ordered a pot of coffee taking together with petit fours.

Yes, my today's challenge ? was good...
I took too much drinks - hot chocolates, and coffees. Happy time


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