Sunday, March 03, 2013

Majorca bread at Starbucks

After napping soundly, I had a brunch at Starbucks.
With a hot cup of americano, spinach, egg, cheese wrap and majorca bread.
Although the wrap was so so, majorca bread which sugar poweder was spinkled on the top of the bread, it was so tasty.. Frankly speaking, I wanted to take one more, however I had to contro myself a strong appetite. I gained already a few kilos..
Quiet and pacific morning time went well with this bread and hot coffee..
Whener I go to Starbucks, the saying of its founder "let the peoples taste a delicious and rich coffee as he discovered it so fantastic, to share the opportunity of enjoying coffee, he opened this international coffee shop.
Thanks to him, we can meet our morning with this flavoured and hot coffee... Happy time !!
Of course it 's so different from European coffees


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