Sunday, January 20, 2013

Easy Peasy oyester fried rice

Suddenly, I've wanted to make fried rice "bokkeumbap" with using oyester. My mother prepared oyesters for me - washed them and packed some of them per small bag in a freezer. I juelienned cabbage, and washed greeny vegetables called as " chungkyungchae"
Firstly, I fried some juelienned cabbage( a little hard), oyesters, shrimps and put one spoon of soybean sauce(made at home), some chungkyungchae and mixed them up. Finally before serving it in a right plate, drop one tea spoon of seasam oil. And then I fried egg to top it on the mixed "bokkeum bap"
I do not have fried rice very often. Very rarely,,, however scent of sea thanks to oyester made simple bokkeumbap more special.
To make fried rice, fire control is so important. Not to make vegetables crushed and soft, frying at strong fire is recommended.


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