Monday, April 23, 2012

Port of Gu Ryong Po

I’m so~~~~ happy to inform you a new restaurant, which was introduced by our colleague. It’s raw fish restaurant. It's located in Deung Chon Dong. My colleague stumbled upon this restaurant one day hanging around with his wife after a mass. This fish is transported by box from JeJu Island every day. So if we arrive late or just go there without beforehand reservation, it’s not guaranteed that we are able to take these fresh raw fish. Yes, it’s very fresh. We’ve ordered mixed sliced raw fish with vegetables, boiled conch, boiled octopus, seasoned vegetables which are also from Jeju Island, mackerel that boiled down in soybean sauce. First of all, mixed raw fish with vegetables. They just serve sliced raw fish with vegetables without sauce( Korean prefer to take sauce). After distributing some into each small plate, we squeeze some of red-chili pepper paste with vinegar sauce. It’s so simple… Secondly, boiled conch, it’s really simple. For me boiled octopus seems so-so because we can see boiled octopus in other restaurants, however two other fish can’t be easily seen. How about seasoned vegetables ? It’s so simple, fresh and natural…. Just they mixed vegetables with sesame oil and ground sesame mixed with salt. Their side dishes were excellent. They didn’t use MSG, so it made us taste so simple. All are healthy… Interior and general atmosphere are acceptable. I was so satisfied with their level of foods. Quality was excellent. I will be their guest ^^ I’ve already introduced this restaurant to my friends, Wanna go again…


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