Friday, March 01, 2013

Mini sandwich of black bean

I've wanted to go to have a pizza, however the pizzeria I've looked for was closed. Actually, it was opened, not to public because of private event.
I had to find out alternative... what ?
By chance, my feet were going to Dandelion market.
When I had a brunch last Saturday, I was so happy to try very creative and f'resh menu.
Today's menu was sandwich with fresh house made guacamole, grilled green tomato called as Chef Anthony's Black Bean Sliders with salad as side dish. I drank two cups of coffee.
Decoration of mini sandwich looked so nice, and taste was so good,,, There were too many peoples, waiting for take out menu also.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is very different and casual, intermediate between restaurant and bar. Their light menu for dinner draws also my attention. Last time, I've already tried with my colleague ; Artisanal Cheese Boards with apricot preserves, almond cake, honeycomb,  Butter Sauteed Sea Scallops with arugula, pomegranate drizzle, toasted macadamia, Shrimp & Grits with goat cheese, red pepper cream sauce, Sweet & Spicy Green Beans with house made spicy szechuan sauce, macadamia nuts
As I love to taste different small dishes like Tapas, I liked so much their arrangement of menu.
Although it was very short time for lunch, I appreciated chef's craft even for sandwich.

Address: 118 W. Fifth Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


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