Monday, March 11, 2013

Crepe Cellar

I visited Noda street. Sombody introduced Noda street like New York.
Although I didn't visit yet New York, that street was very short with a few restaurants. However decoration and interiors were very creative and animated, I could see the difference from uptown.
I tried a restaurant Crepe cellar. Frankly speaking, I thought that this bar is specialized in Crepe, however it's just casul bar serving crepe and other light meals also.
I ordered crepe with mushroom and spinach. I wanted to try crepe of 4 kinds of cheeses, however actually this menu was not on the list. I had to select another.
Crepe was not what I imagined because it was cut into two slices differently from normal crepe. It was very lighter, for me,, so so.. Purple slaw as side dish was wonderful. Very fresh and savory... It was made by them with using their own recipe. Great. I ordered 2nd menu Fish and chips recommeded as "Best of Best" by Charlotte Magazine. In general, I do not like fish and chips, it is so greasy, however when I tried in Ireland and England, because of vinagar sauce, I could enjoy that. Here, vinagar sauce is too sweet, maybe mixed with honey. I didn't like. Fish was not cut,, whole fish was fried. Not bad,, but it was so difficult to cut, Thanks to purple slaw, I could finish that. Of course, as I already emptied a plate of Crepe, I was already full. When I tried 2nd dish, it was a challenge for me. As I couldn't go back to Noda street, I tried different dishes as much as I can.. So full ~~
Decoration looked very young, energetic, I could see many young or mid generation to have a brunch.


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