Friday, March 08, 2013


I discovered a very small but so cozy and romantic french bakery and cafe
They sell a few kinds of breads - twice twisted croissant(chocolate/almond), eclair(vanilla/chocolate), palmier, turnover, macarons, etc.
I tried twice croissant - almond, turnover, palmier, eclair - chocolate. All were so good. Eclair looked so sweet, however it was not so sweet, and dense in vanila, I missed eclair with chocolate. Next time, I'll try it.
Their rich coffee goes well with these simple but tasty pastries.
At morning time, there are too many peoples, although it's so small, it is croweded with peoples, sometimes, we can see some peoples standing with a cup of coffee, chattering with colleagues or friends. Therefore, I visited there around lunch time. It was better with less peoples, not so much busy.. I could enjoy coffee time with sweet pastries.
I had a lunch with very spicy thai noodle, which was mixed with pepper seeds. I needed something to consolate my surpring stomach with something sweet.
Their decoration looks a romantic royal living room, however so cozy...


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