Monday, July 07, 2008

Another afternoon tea

I took afternoon tea with my japanese friend at Shelbourn hotel. I already tried a few times afternoon tea at Merrion hotel, however, it was the first time for me to try it at Shelbourn hotel. Shelbourn hotel's cafeteria is smaller than merrion hotel. However, furniture arrangement and colours are so beautiful. Especially flowers. We took pictures and enjoyed beautiful cookies. Of course, I could hear that my weights are gaining and gaining. In spite of it, we could enjoy luxuious afternoon at the best hotel in Dublin. After that, we moved to oyester bar just beside cafeteria. Many peoples wore very cool and chic cloths. Fortunately, we could find seats. I drank some beer, and she took a glass of champagne. I wanna go again to Shelbourn bar.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


As I started to work very early in the morning around AM 6:50, I had to skip the breakfast. From today, I decided to start my daily life very early to have more personal time. After work, I can invest my time in reading book, newspapers, or studying foreign languages. Around AM 10:00, I became very hungry. It took me to a Lemon Juice, crepe restaurant. Originally, there was one restaurant at dawson street, however, it was newly opened at the graffton street just beside Butlers chocolate shop. I chose vegetable menu - onions, mushrooms, eggs, and cheese. It was so simple and good with a big bowl of black coffee. Yes, this is my brunch. So now my stomach is well filled with french crepe " Vive la crepe "

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Special menu for rainy day

Today, in Dublin, it rained like other ordinary days. It was just a sprinble of rain. I like very much these rainy days, because a busy world became quiet just for rainy time. Normally, Korean peoples have a tradition of taking some special menus just for rainy days. Hot noodle called as " Kal kuk so ", Korean pizza " Bin dae Ddduk" with some korean alcohol - soju. Therefore, I chose some chinese dim sum. Whenever I go to this chinese restaurant, I have taken beef with green vegetables, crispy crabs, mapa tofu, and crab meat stuffed tofu and aubergines. However, today's choice was dim sum for the first time. As appetizer, I started with wan ton soup, as main I ordered some steamed crab dim sum, seaweed dim sum, and vegetables stuffed dim sum. Especially vegetables stuffed dim sum was so tasy and fresh. I loved it. Of course, I didn't miss dessert menu - fried seasam bun. It was very good also. Sometimes, why not trying different or special food just for rainy days. Of course, in Dublin, there are too many rainy days. So we can have many opportunity of trying special foods ^^