Monday, April 23, 2012

Port of Gu Ryong Po

I’m so~~~~ happy to inform you a new restaurant, which was introduced by our colleague. It’s raw fish restaurant. It's located in Deung Chon Dong. My colleague stumbled upon this restaurant one day hanging around with his wife after a mass. This fish is transported by box from JeJu Island every day. So if we arrive late or just go there without beforehand reservation, it’s not guaranteed that we are able to take these fresh raw fish. Yes, it’s very fresh. We’ve ordered mixed sliced raw fish with vegetables, boiled conch, boiled octopus, seasoned vegetables which are also from Jeju Island, mackerel that boiled down in soybean sauce. First of all, mixed raw fish with vegetables. They just serve sliced raw fish with vegetables without sauce( Korean prefer to take sauce). After distributing some into each small plate, we squeeze some of red-chili pepper paste with vinegar sauce. It’s so simple… Secondly, boiled conch, it’s really simple. For me boiled octopus seems so-so because we can see boiled octopus in other restaurants, however two other fish can’t be easily seen. How about seasoned vegetables ? It’s so simple, fresh and natural…. Just they mixed vegetables with sesame oil and ground sesame mixed with salt. Their side dishes were excellent. They didn’t use MSG, so it made us taste so simple. All are healthy… Interior and general atmosphere are acceptable. I was so satisfied with their level of foods. Quality was excellent. I will be their guest ^^ I’ve already introduced this restaurant to my friends, Wanna go again…

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fish

This time is the first time I saw the movie in a long time ago. My best friend Jung yun invited me at " Introduction to Architecture " which main actor and actress are Um Tae Woong and Han Ka In. It was very funny, fresh movie, not too much romantic indulged in past memories. The director knew well where the limit between the present and the past is set. Listening to the music " study of recollection " performed by a singing group < Exhibition >, I could recall my days in university - music that were popular in those days, wearing way such as brand,,,
Me and my friend could be dipped in a very happy moment. With the sweet impression, we moved to a raw fish restaurant called as < The Fish > located near to samsung station. I am their customer. This restaurant is famous as infinite refill. In general, this kind of restaurant downgrades the quality of food from 2nd serving, however this restaurant serves exceptionally same quality of food all the time. That is good. Although inside environment is not too luxurious, it looks quite cosy and clean like japanese style. As young men run this restaurant, entire environment looks quite young and modern. They serve only one menu, raw fish costed to 38,000 won. When I visited for the first time, it was 35,000 won. As I love raw fish, and I liked the arrangement of foods, I brought my family also.

When it's too crowded from 7:00 - 10:00, it's not so comfortable, because as they're so busy, we should call them every time, for ordering a drink, asking to bring more raw fish, etc. Last time, when I was with my family, it was the worst. Although we called a few times, they brought food very late, or didn't hear our calling.... Today, we visited here around PM 10:00.
My friend ordered Jung Ha, a kind of light rice alcohol. As I can't drink alcohol at this moment, I couldn't enjoy drininking with friend chattering. I regretted it.

They do not serve too much side dishes that we can meet very easily in other normal restos. Instead, they serve grilled shrimp, shi sa mo(in japanese, I don't know english name). I did really enjoy raw fish. I'm so happy although I'm so tired. Our dinner lasted until 12:30

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abalone rice porridge

Abalone is one of seafoods with a very clean taste. In Korea, it’s very famous food material for patients such as rice porridge as its high nutritive value. Therefore it’s expansive. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a promotional stand for natural, fresh, still alive abalone at the underground Department store. I bought 2 packs, that one pack is composed of 5 pieces. Shop manager gave me a very fresh and raw ones transported from Wan Do(island). This morning, I made rice porridge with them as breakfast. First of all, they should be mixed up with a spoonful of seasame oil. It’s very clean and light taste ! When abalone turn brown, mix-up with spoon. And pour rice soaked in the water over night with some water. Leave them boil for about 7-10 minutes. Very easy.
On the other hand, my mother put the shell of abalone into clam soup. Originally clam soup was very dense and salted like a taste of sea. However addition of abalone shell into clam soup made its taste denser and thicker. It’s good also as raw abalone, well sliced by dipping it in red chili-pepper paste with vinegar

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lunch Box

Since about 1 week ago, i.e my company moved to new building located farer from my house than before, I have prepared a lunch box. Lunch box is likely too high-sounding, I prepare some rice cakes, seasonal fruits – pineapple, strawberry, persimmon, banana, rice cookies.
There are too many people who are rushing to the canteen, and all day long, as I should be with colleagues, I need some personal time such as listening to the music, reading magazines or books while taking some light meals. Hot tea also is good. So I decided to prepare lunch box to have free time. In Korea, salary man doesn’t get used to carrying lunch box.
Today, I made pancakes with mugworts prepared by my mom last night(I’ve already introduced pancakes of mugworts ) Therefore I’m so busy every morning. Although I wake up around AM 5:20, I have not enough time to do everything with time. I have to have a breakfast, grill rice cake(it’s one snack out of what I like the most), put fruits into lunch box,,,, Today I had a quick breakfast with grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel and fresh cucumber. Yesterday, I left my lunch on to the table in the kitchen. Sometimes, my memory fails me.. Today ? safely, I brought all.. Although it’s not yet lunch time, just 11:00, I feel so tired. It is resulted from morning’s hurry up ? At any rate, I’ll be able to enjoy my lunch with relaxed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bibimbap with Sea squirt

Generally speaking, I don’t like so much sea squirt, however bibimbap(mixed rice) with sea squirt is different. When we go to Japanese restaurant or resto of raw fish, sea squirt is served as side dish before main dish – raw fish. A certain person said that sea squirt should leave until when raw fish is all taken, because a little sweetness of sea squirt can paralyze our tong, therefore it can’t appreciate real taste of raw fish. Me ? I take it already as soon as it is served. ^^

How to make Bibimbap with Sea squirt ? Easy peasy.
Put a bowl of rice, and arrange different kinds of vegetables such as cabbages, sprouts, slices of carrots, slices of onions, slices of cucumber. Powder slices of dry seaweed and a handful of ground seasame. Sometimes egg of sea urchin.
Today, I swallowed a big bowl of fresh spring. Harmony of fresh sea squirt and seasonal vegetables. Before taking it, resto served some side dishes – grilled mackerel pike, wild herbs, and rice porridge including some fish.
At Spring, one lose easily appetite. Why not trying to make bibimbap with sea squirt to invigorate ?

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Oyester buckwheat pancake

There is a program that discloses hidden truth and side of food behind distribution, production, consumption hosted by producer Lee Young Don, which introduces also a good restaurant selling safe foods in a right manner.
Last Saturday, their subject was buckwheat which I like very much. At the same day, I made oyster pan cakes with buckwheat powder. Of course, I used them made of 100% pure buckwheat not adding even 1% of flour. As buckwheat is quite expansive(over 20,000 won per small bag), and has a low viscosity, most of restaurants even specialized in buckwheat foods are using mixed buckwheat powder with flour. This informative program with the role of consumer ombudsman disclosed how many restaurants are lying that they are using buckwheats powder more than 30%. Even a certain product just used 1%. It’s so amazing. To introduce a good and honest restaurant, they visited a restaurant located in Kang won province, a place famous for buckwheat. They are using 100% buckwheat. As its viscosity is too low, they had to make it on spot as soon as order is made. As appetizer, a buckwheat pancake is served. It’s so thin like changhoji(a traditional korean paper made from mulberry bark for window and doors) and chinese cabbage is in it. On top, owner’s wife decorated with chopped green opinions into small pieces. I love it. And they served also buckwheat jelly. Pancake is free of charge. I think that jelly is paid. As main dish, evaluators composed of food expert, food researcher, cook, food journalist ordered noodles. As per Kangwon region’s tradion, chef asked them to mix simple buckwheat noodles with different sauces such as soybean. Differently from other mixed noodles, they were not servied as already mixed with sauce and other vegetables. Evaluators did really enjoy its taste of noodle as it is, they acclaimed simplicity of buckwheat noodles. As they ‘re so touched with level of quality, they ordered jelly for their families.
It seems too far because that restaurant is located in Kang won province. However someday, I do want to visit that. Today, I made pancakes. Main base is buckwheat, and oyester. I tried to make it very thin and crispy. Yes, i twas very delicious. Whenever I see that kind of food ombudsman, I become so sceptical what consumer should take outside and why they’re playing the game with foods.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ca D'oro

Italian friend of mine introduced me an italian restaurant, exactly venetian restaurant, which name is Ca D’oro, named after a palace on the Grand Canal in Venice. As italian guranteed its taste, I brought another italian friend to try it. He also appreciated their selection of menu and level of quality. Owner came from Venezia. Although I visited a few times Venezia, I did not think that venetian has their specialty. Frankly speaking, I can’t remember their menu. Just I remember that I tried a nocci with walnut recommended by owner. It was very simple and tasty as main dish( personally, I prefer pasta or light fish as main dish) As a dessert, he recommended a very soft one topped with soft and simple cream, which base is almond. For the appetizer, I enjoyed beef carpaccio with cheese and fresh leaves.
The general interior looks very nitty and simple with white colour. The arrangement of table is also very modern. I went there a few times, however since almost 1 year, I have never been there. Recently, my friend informed me that that restaurant was closed. Oh my God. It’s disappointing. Of course, I don’t know the reason, just I guessed that there were not many guests... The size of restaurant was quite big, whenever I went there, there were not many guests. Frankly speaking I wondered that food was so fresh and good, however there were not many peoples who appreciated that.. There is another italian restaurant where we believe good in Itaewon and Chungdam dong. However italians judged that even those restaraunts either did not represent their typical style. More over it, in general, they are very expansive. Any how, I so miss Ca D’oro

Monday, April 02, 2012

At the rainy day

Today, it’s raining, more or less heavily. I love the rainy day like today. I prefer a little heavy one, not light drizzle. So I love U.K and Ireland where I stayed for a few years because of this rain. Whenever it rains, I don’t know why but it makes me so happy, sometimes a little melancholy, lonely, however more delicate and contemplative. I want to enter a cafeteria where I like visiting very often and have personal time siropping hot coffees or chocolate. Of course, daily menu can be changed depending my state of mind. Today ? As it’s quite warm, I love to take just simple Americano very hot but dense with the base of Italian espresso. Of course, I’ll harmonize it with sweet apricot croissant(Italian style) or almond one.
In Korea, it’s not easy to find a good level’s bakery and patisserie. Whenever I go to hospital, I pass a patisserie called as Eric Kayser. Yes, he’s a famous patissier in French. He opened one shop in the middle of Seoul just close to Westin Chosun Hotel. Early in the morning, they sell a special brunch menu, i.e if you take sandwich, hot coffee is freely served. It’s good !
As that area is touristic surrounded by different palaces, and located in the underground of Westin Chosun hotel, there are quite many Japanese who are waiting in the queue to buy coffee or breads. I bought there some éclairs – chocolate, caramel and other small muffins.

As per meteo, it’ll be raining almost whole day long since yesterday. I’ll be very happy and so relaxed hearing rain drop. Now I’m writing taking a very hot buckwheat tea instead of coffee. Anyway it’s so romantic ~~~

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Expert on redbean porridge

I have been obsessed in Redbean porridge since I became to know how to make it through my mother. At the first time, my mother made it for me. Secondly I tried to do, of course its result was so horrible. As I spent too much time and energy as well as red bean + gas, I couldn’t throw them away. As Redbean porridge needs much hands keeping stirring it, I can’t be at all absent minded during its making time. My mother told me that a little high price of this porridge at the restaurant specialized in porridge is too normal considering attention and hands input into this food.

I found my own recipe, very easy and tasty. I don’t know whether this way is the best or not. However as per its taste, I have confidence in myself. I well developed my own recipe. It’s not so much difficult. Firstly, what is the most important is the ingredients, i.e I should well boil redbeans until when they are crushed, i.e redbeans should be well boiled. As boiled water of redbean is poisonous, first water should be spilled out. Put redbeans a little crushed and slightly moist into a crusher just two or three turns. As they were already crushed, crusher made them juicy. Secondly important thing is rice. Rice should be well soaked for at least over 6 hours. In general, soaked rice for 3-4 hours can be porridge. However, when I tried them, it was not enough. Please leave then as long as you can. The best time is over night.

1. Pour soaked rice into the pot
2. Pour a little more water, very little
3. Boil them for 5-7 minutes ( Please start to stir them from time to time not let some grains of rice stick to the ground of pot ! )
4. Crush boiled redbeans with some water
5. Pour them into the pot and mix them with rice
6. Keep stirring not leaving redbean soup stuck in the pot
7. Turn off the gas burner when middle or large size bubbles are formed => This is the sign that redbean porridge is being boiled and so hot

Rice should be 1/3 of red bean soups. If rice is too much, porridge has not much juice. On the contrary, its taste is too simple, because I do not put any sweet one such as sugar or honey. For the dessert, juicy porridge is the best without rice. However other ingredients should be supported. Marron, gluent rice cake called as mozzi, cinnamon powder, some sugars… Personally I prefer redbean porridge with a little rice. It’s so simple !