Monday, June 30, 2008

Italian Breakfast

Recently, I has been indulged in Italian food. I start my daily life with italian bread and coffee. Near to my apartment, there are two italian restaurants. They serve some breads, hot coffee at morning time, some pastas or salads at day time. Now, every morning, I go to one italian bistro restaurant. Some times I take just bread - apricot, strawberry croissant with a cup of hot coffee, some times, I order some breakfast menu such as scrambled egg, and toasts. Tasty is okay. Whenever I go to that restaurant and make a queue, I feel I'm still live and I also still in a member of this society. This fact made me more relaxed or gives me a comfort. Can you imagine that when I am in a queue while waiting for my coffee, I can think that I'm opening my busy day with others. Of course, on sunday, I go to Trinity college with some books. If the weather is not so good, there are few peoples who sit on the bench in trinity collage. It's very quite, and I can be relaxed.
This italian bistro restaurant serves very hot coffee. I hate cooled coffee !


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bibim Bap

My korean friend invited me at dinner. Normally, as I spend my time alone, invitation at any meal makes me very happy. Especially, during the weekend. Appetizer was brucheta, main meal was Bibim bap - mixed rice with vegetables and some slices of beef, dessert was tiramishu. Today, I felt proud of the fact that I'm korean because of korean foods. Many foreigners enjoy Chinese, japanese, even thai foods, however, korean foods were not well introduced to foeign countries. It's a pity. Korean foods are very tasty, healthy and scientific. Due to pepper paste sauce, Bibim pap was salty. However, Simple rice were covered with slices of carrots, onions, mushroms, and egg fry. Well mixed and very fresh. Normally, when we take bibim bap, a bean sprout soup or soy bean paste soup are accompanied. Maybe during summer time, cold sea weed soup will be good. Today, any soup was not available, bibim bap was so tasty. I could imagine that I was in Korea and I missed my family and friends. In dublin, it's not easy to take real korean food especially home made. Therefore, I empted a big bowl of bibim bap. Because I can't expect when I can take it again. If I move to new appartment, I wanna make meals for myself.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A memory of Pasta Fresca

As I had a breakfast very late, I didn't feel any hunger even though lunch time was passed. Since a few days, thanks to our director's visit to Dublin, I had to take 3 full meals for a few days. Sometimes, although I'm living to eat, I felt too much eating made me mad or they were feeding me like pig. Yes, I gained a lot of kilos. Therefore, I had no appetite. However, around 2 o'clock, I decided to go out of office to take a small lunch. Normally, every day, there is some menus that bursts upon me. However, today, none. Finally, I went to " Pasta Fresca " located in Grafton street. When I came to know this restaurant for the first time, it was around Dec. 2005. To complete some technical issues with senior engineer close to me, our japanese colleagues introduced us. I can't remember the name of pasta what I've tasted in that time. It was fantastic. Although I tried to taste same dish, I couldn't find it because I couldn't explain what I've taken.
Today, I took tag capesante. Scallope, some vegetables including onions, creamy sauce. This is not too much creamy. Since long time ago, I didn't try creamy pasta, that I loved so much for a while in the past time. Today's choice was not bad. I took a glass of white wine. Quick lunch however, reasonable quality of italian food.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A french restaurant

Recently, when I went to Paris, I discovered one restaurant with two michelin stars(I think so) on the opposite area of Notre-Dame by chance. In that time, that restaurant was closed. A simple design and colour of that restaurant decoration and two michelin stars attracted me and I visited on purpose that street to taste their special food. I went there for the lunch. They introduced mainly 3 kinds of food per course. As appetizer, I chose asperagus with some red pepper powder, roasted fish( I can't remember the name of fish) as main dish, financier as dessert that actullay was recommended by a server of that restaurant. I asked him what a special dessert is in this restaurant. He introduced this chocolate financier. Asparagus was so simple. Some mixed chopped eggs with some chopped vegetables were served also. I spreaded them into a bread. It was so tasty. However, my choice of main dish is not so excellent. Frankly speaking, I love fish and sea food. But recently, whenever I pick up any fish, it was not so good. Today also was the same. It was okay. However, it was not so fantastic, unfortunately. Chocolate finaicier was fabulous. I think that chocolate scrumble is topped on this chocolate bread. It was not sweet. It was so simple. It is so amazing. There should be a lot of chocolates used for this dessert, however, it didn't give any sweetness. Therefore, I couldt empty a plate of financier showing the bottom of small plate. I finished my meal with double expresso. I selected one glass of white wine costed 9 Euro. It is so expensive, but taste was quite normal, not impressive. Inside decoration is so simple, ratherly so humble. Outer design looked better. Table setting was very humble. Used plates are so simple and normal, not impressive. What I was impressive was small expresso coffee cup. It was very diffierent one from normal expresso cup like asian style tea pot.
My evaluation of this restaurant is
Atmosphere - average
Appetizer - Excellent
Main - so so
Dessert - excellent

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Healthy food

As I was so excited and concerntrated on "Sex and city", I felt so hungry. As I skipped lunch, it was around PM 5 o'clock when I entered the restaurant. Early bird menu of Ukiyo served different small dishes. Among a few kinds of small dishes, 3 dishes could be selected. And a bottle of japanese beer also was served. I picked 3 dishes - one aubergine with nato sauce, rice covered with unaki, Tofu salde. Recently, I took tofu salade. It was so fresh and simple. Different vegetables such as carrots, cabbages and tofu. Main sauce is made from soybean. Although I can't trust freshness and quality of imported tofu, combinasion of vegetables and tofu made my mouth so fresh. It's really well-being food. Augerbine is boiled and finally was spreaded by japanese soybean paste sauce called as "Nato". Due to simple nato sauce, aubergine became something different.
Today, when I tried one jacket, I was so shocked that my size didn't suit me. It's so horrible ! From now on, I'll try to go on a diet for the healthier life. As the first step, I'll take 3 meals regularily. We'll see.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Walnut party

Recently, I love for Italian food. Why ? and suddenly ? Not at all. I have loved Italian food, however, I could have many opportunities of eating Italian foods. There are some Italian small town near to Jervis tram station. I heard that one irish guy who loved Italian football and food made this street composed of 3 restaurants, 1 bar, 1 icecream shops. And there is another italian restanraunt in Inchicore also. Today, I went to this street. As appetizer, I selected mushroom and walnuts salad with some red wines. As main, today's special was spanich ravioli with walnut sauce. Walnut sauce attracted my appetite. I couldnt' imagine ravioli sauce is made of walnut. Salade was so simple, and ravioli also was so different. It was not bad.