Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday table

My mother prepared some dishes that I liked the most in general. Normally, korean food needs much time and many hands in making any food, although looks very simple. Therefore, korean foods can show a heart and sincerity of a person who makes them. Jab chae, egg roll, roasted port mixed with different vegetables, sauced by pepper paste. As it was so special day, I took two small glasses of red wines with my father and brother. Although I like very much a cake made by < Yeon jae kwa >, I had to buy it from < han's bakery >, because I heard that Yeon jae kwa tried to sell a cake who was kept for a few days in their frigo, that means, not fresh one. It was disclosed to clients so I could hear it also. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy their soft cake at my birthday. My mother was so happy that I was in Korea. She could serve various foods made by herself and see me with her eyes. My family sung " Happy birthday song " for me. I had to have an age again. Time is passing so rapidly. I can't seize the time. However, I wanna do my best to make use of this time for my future not to regret some day.
I wanna say to my mother to prepare a special birthday table for me.
To my family to be with me this year.
And hoping to see a better me next year

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My birthday

29th of Oct is my birthday. A famous actress, winona ryder, her birthday is the same as mine. What will she do at her birthday ? I had a lunch with my company's female senior and juniors. As there are few wemen graduated from university in our company, I had no particular contact with women except only one female senior at the same level. However, after retuning to my country, I became known that 3 young ladies entered company regardless of their ability. At any rate, as I was looking for a different meeting from men's, I could enjoy chattering time with them taking some coffee. I ordered " Jun Ka Bok " made from abalone, and other kinds of sea foods,( it was so expensive amount to 50,000 won for small size, and " roasted shrimp with chily sauce ". and sea food Ja Jang Myung(black noodle) in Chinese restaurant. Srimp was so big, I didn't like too much. However, its taste was good. Black noodle also was good. After having a meal, juniors prepared a birthday cake. I'm full. I thought what I did at the same day one year ago. I was in Dublin. My japanese friend arrived at Dublin, very late. He celebrated alone my birthday. We went to indian restaurant because it was public holiday in Ireland, therefore, many famous restaurants were not opened. As we tried a few good restaurants, we had to decide to go to indian restaurant which has been opened almost every day. Fortunately, that night also, restaurant was opened. Two years ago ? I was also in Ireland. However, I can't rememebr what I did. At any rate, it's sad to have an age !

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mango salade which looks very different from the name

On the occasion of my birthday, I went to " Outback steak " located in Jong Ro. To my memory, I had been there 3 years ago. As my parents like very much their steak, I had to go there. It was dinner time at weekend. There were a lot of peoples, precisely young peoples. A lot of peoples left and came in however, table was not immediately set. I watched one table near to waiting place. It was not cleaned up for over 20 minutes. Although many peoples were waiting and many part time students were there, table was still there as uncleaned with messey and left plates. We had to wait for over 20 minutes. Waiting made me very tired. Instead of steak, I chose a mango salade. Mango was not so fresh, maybe preserved one. Sauce was so simple, not well tasty to my appetite. Salade was not well mixed with sauce and mango. It seemed to me that it was not mango salade but vegetable salade. Sauce was so weak, its taste was dead in comparison with so strong vegetables. As I didn't try steak, I don't know what taste was. Coconut bread was good with melting butter. When we left, they packed more breads as service. The following day, I could enjoy it as my breakfast. Personally speaking, I don't like too much family restaurant. Some times, quality is not so good differently from my expectation. I know that some times, I wanna go also to join young and animated environment with freinds. Today's trying was disappointing, maybe because of awakward service of staffs. For a while, I don't want to go there.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anchovy Bok eum

Taste is changing. Although I addicted to a certain food, I doesn't like any more that for a while without knowing exact reason. As a good example, recently, I like an anchovy. I don't know why. When we have no appetite, pour a cold water into a bowl of rice, and take rice with some anchovy bok Eum. My mother makes anchovy bok eum with olive oils. However, if pepper paste is added, that also is good. In general, I like western food, but due to much time spend in European countries, I became a mania of korean traditional food.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Griottine from Alsace region

One day, I discovered that a small bottle of Griottine was still sleeping in a corner of frigo.I got it as a gift after finishing a training in Alstom belfort factory. However, I didn't yet open it and kept it. Frankly speaking, I didn't pay attention to a definition of Griottine. This morning, I looked up a dictionary to find a meaning of griottine.
As per dictionary, these flavoursome pitted cherries are soaked in Kirsch to make them succulent and of course somewhat alcoholic! Add to chocolate desserts or serve with ice cream and drizzle with the Kirsch. Try with pancakes and a dollop of double cream.
Yes, I've got it. I'll try to buy a pancake or simple bread to try with griottine.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting out of tired and lazy life pattern

Recently, I feel very tired. Although I don't do anything specially or more than previous days, why ? I can't get out of a feeling that I'm getting older. I started to drink a special extract of different kinds of juices with plenty of vitamin. Of course, I can't assure that this juice brings me much energy and awake me. Maybe, I'll need practicising a sport such as a yoga. I have never tried a yoga. A few days ago, I saw one TV program about Yoga presented by a professional yoga player who is japanese. Although she just was indulged in yoga world, her body was so slim and beautiful. My body looked very lazy and undesirable ! Her body was perfect to fit a light life. Every morning, I dream of starting a new sport or studying very hard however, my laziness prevents me from initiating anything. To know italian food, I just started italian. However, it's so difficult for me to skip more 1 pages of italian text book. Since a few years, I have learned myself italian. But I just know some words because of my horrible laziness. Oh my god ~~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sho Jin

One of best and famous korean singer, Kim gun mo introduced one japanese fusion style restaurant - " Sho Jin " located in Suhrae ma eul in a food program on TV. My mother saw it and various small and tasty foods attracted her. After searching web to find a restaurant telephone number, I booked a table for me and my mother. There were two courses - one is sake course for drink costed 30,000 won per person, the one is dinner course coster 45,000 won per person. Sake course needs an order of japanese alcohol over 750ml. As we didn't drink, we chose dinner course. Environment was very clean, japanese, casual, and comfortable. We can see that a chef cook with open space. 10 kinds of small dish were served. And last was U-dong. Quality of food was also good. Although I don't know name of each served food, it was delicious. Raw fish and sushi were very fresh.
It was okay and new try of new restaurant. Just 10% service charge sounded expensive. If everyday, we can take very tasty and good quality food, how happy our life will be. Of course, we'll need much money to cover all ranges of food price.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Japanese cookie

Japanese colleague brought japanese cookies. I like very much japanese tradition offering their cookies or pies whenever they visit client or go on a business trip. As I like very much cookies, when I go to other country or visit our client, I prepare also something like cookies or chocolates. This time, it's not cookie, like pie made of egg. Due to egg, pie is so soft. Inside pie, there are some fillers made of red bean. Pie shape also was like egg. Decoration, wrapping also are so beautiful. I wanna go again to Japan to taste different cookies and pies.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Terre et Mer

I visited suh rae ma ul known as French street in Seoul because of French school. In 5 years ago, as I have many friends who were living there, I could spend a lot of time in visiting their house. In that time, there were not many good restaurants even if they had an unique atmosphere differently from other streets because of many french peoples such as wine bar, french bakery, flower shop, etc.
My senior director invited me at dinner. I picked up a good french restaurant through web site. ' Terre et Mer " - " Earth and Sea " The definition of this restaurant is that they make food using all kinds of food stuffs growing in the earth and living in the sea. The environment was nice. It seems to me a little messy or not too much harmonized. However, in different view, it looked well arranged. They were looking for warm and simple french family meal not too much luxusious one. One staff of the restaurant showed us today's dinner menu per appetiser, main. He picked up french mussel as appetiser, and lamb steak as main with a bottle of Cass(korean beer), I picked up mushroom salad as appetiser, and mediteraneen style pasta - especially spicy fenne as main. First of all, mushroom salade was great. Taste was so good. Fresh mushroom, tomato, green vegetables with olive oils. I liked very much it. Pasta gave me an unusual experience. It didn't look so spicy. However, actually, it was so hot and spicy, maybe owing to green pepper ? Taste was good, I had to empty a big plate of pasta justifying that I can't ignore french chef's great effort. I enjoyed a glass of white wine. Strangely, I'm very weak at red wine although I prefer red one. Except when I'm in a good humour, I don't try to drink too much red wine with peoples. Wine seemed to me very cheap one. It was not so good. And dessert was terrible. There was just ice cream with cynnamon poweder and black coffee. I don't like too much filtered coffee with flavor like hazelnut coffee. They brought that kind of coffee. It was very bad. Ice cream looked not hand made. However, to try different foods, I can visit this restaurant with pleasaure. As this street is so close to my house, some day, I wanna explore different restaurants and cafes with my sister or mother. I could go home with joyful and happy mind thanks to new discovery of a good restaurant.