Monday, May 30, 2005

Souvenir of Ramyun

Ramyun Posted by Hello

I like Ramyun, instant noodle. Japanese ramyun seems us very different from ours. First of all, ramyun soup is made of pork. Boil down pork meat for a long time until juice is flown from pork flesh like pork extract. Deep soup gives a good flavor. Next alive noodle by hand-made. Differently from korean ramyun, japaneses are using live, sticky and puffed noodle. Japanese ramyun is not spicy. As a garnish, they use chopped scalions and slices of pork. When I stayed in Osaka last time, a ramyun restaurant opened newly in the middle of a namba market. It costed around 500 yen. What it was impressed by me was a clean and bright atmosphere. So I visited again. It was still clean and bright.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Again to Osaka

Namba street Posted by Hello

In the middle of Namba hyun. I arrived at Osaka to meet my sister. I came here twice since 2001. It seems to me that there are not many change. During a few days, I'll visit again what I found some nice reataurants ; ra myun, okonomiyaki, cold spaghetti.

Green tea's world

Into the healthy green tea cakes Posted by Hello

Green tea's power is great. Amore Pacific is a famous cosmetic brand but they are knowen as great green teas. They opened a cafeteria specific to green tea called as "O sulloc". All products are made of green tea. It was well infiltrated into young generation who think of their health and are intrested in well-being. Besides it, decoration and environment are also very special. All smelles greeny favor. That is to say, they satisfy our vision as well as taste. Bright sunlight, high celing, greeny wall paper... They seeks for not using any antiseptic, coloring matter. They uses powder green teas to make cakes, cookies, ice cream. I like the most ice cream and pound cake. If we have a spoonful of ice cream, green tea's favor convulses our nose. Deep and natural ingredients are melted in our throat. Pound cake is filled with various tropical fruits as well as green tea. To have a pleasant time, we have to accept a long long waiting in waiting seats. Of course at the moment of sitting down, we won't regret it, because nice green tea and sweet cake will compensate. It's also good to buy birthday cakes here.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nice Kim bab of fried bean curd

" Kim Bab " Posted by Hello

" Kim Bab " means that rice rolled in a sheet of laver with various ingredients in the center. Name of Kim bab depends on these ingredients. If we put several vegetables in the center, we call it as vegetable kim bab. There are very various ; cheese, kim-chi, boiled beef, tuna, etc. What I like the most, it's a vegetable one.
Especially one from a small shop that sells different side dishes for busy dual-income families near to my house. Today, I looked at ingredients minutely because I want to make them by myself. They used carrot, egg, spinach, japanese yellow picked raddish, a kind of herb that smells simple taste and fried bean curd. I discovered their secret, namely they used specially fried bean curd. It makes kim bab simpler and nicer. These different ingredients were well harmonised fantastically.
Personally, I don't like to make kim bab, because they require a lot of trouble. Each ingredient needs different recipe. So it's not easy and it takes much time. I prefer to buy it in a shop.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Mediocre tuna

Fresh tuna raw fish Posted by Hello

I had a tuna raw fish with my colleagues after work. In fact, I don't like tuna fish. Of course, I can eat tuna sushi, but not raw fish. My colleague reserved a restaurant, I didn't say anything. We had them with a champagne. I love champagne. foamy champagne with fresh and sweet taste ! Nowadays I get rid of stress by eating. So I gained 7 kilo. Oh my god. So I have to pay attention to reduce it. In this sense, tuna is good, because it's low fat and high protein.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rotating rotating sushi for me

herring  Posted by Hello

Fortunately, I could have delicious sushi to my hearts content thanks to my senior.
He's working in top company of the concered filed. He invited me and other senior.
We selected a menu that I like the most. The restautant is < Sakanaya >. It was 3 times. I think that this restaurant is not in top class because too many rotating sushi restaurant came into existence since last year. I'm fed up with normal sushi. Nowdays What I like the most is mackerel, herring, perch, abalon. Especially herring and mackerel. Of course, a salmon is always loved with sour cream and slices of onions. For a good while, young people were struck with roll, various beautiful roll called as california roll. Luxuarious color, a brilliant way of using chef's hand, fantastic harmony of taste, various materials. I had a plesant time with them taking about work problem and future life. I gutfawe. After fresh sushi, we couldn't miss tea time. I took a mint herb tea to digest, they ordered macadamia latte with rich cream. Ah, today isn't lucky day ?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Low fat yogurt ice cream

Yummy yogurt ice cream Posted by Hello

With well-being fever, low-fat yogurt ice cream came into the world. A chain called as " Red Mango " is loved especially by young ladies thinking of health and beauty. Red mango means "modesty""passion" and "becoming". Mango is a queen out of subtropical zone fruits. Ice cream's taste is very simple and deep. It's really different from what we had normally. If we pay more 1000 won, we can select 5 kinds of toffing. I like the most blueberry and strawberry.

Indulged in sweetness

Sweet red bean soup Posted by Hello

I'm mania for soup. Especially red bean soup.
I took a walk with my girl friend around Sam Chung Dong. Its weather was fantastic. Bright sun and fresh air, cooling wind.
I like wandering looking around beautiful shop and restaurant.
There is a special cafeteria. Maybe it'd be better to call as " Da bang ". This cafe sells traditonal teas with using herbs, and this special sweet red bean soup. Whenever this cafe is introduced by different masscom, I imagine what is its taste.
I scoutted about for this cafe. It was too small, and humble. It keeps well its own color and image. It looked very old like 60s years, my mother's generation.
I ordered this special soup. At a glance, it looked very different from normal soup what I thought before. Normally, we have red bean soup as a subsitute of meal. But this soup was filled with small bowl. Its color was also red like red bean. The color of soup was very deep and red. What about its taste ? First taste was too small.( Personally I don't like sweet one). I found it too sweet. Of course, my thinking was not changed by when I emptied soup bowl. But this sweetness didn't come from cheap sugar but from deep honey, just like extract. Walnut, jinko nut added flavour and nuitrive qualities. Specially, cynnamon powder was sprinkled. I don't know why. Because it seemed to me that cynnamon flavor didn't go well with red bean soup. At any rate, I emptied. There were too many tourists even from Japan, we couldn't stay longer. Although I wanted to look hard at passersby, we had to leave immediately to allow others to taste this special soup. I thought that japanese loved it, because they like sweet one ; cake, cookie, chocolate like me. ^^
Next time, I'd like to go there on weekdays taking my day off. In that time, I can appreciate its taste.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Fresh raw fish

fresh raw fish

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The food what I like the most is raw fish, especially sushi. I don't know why I am crazy about them.
Yesterday, I dropped in a new restaurant. We chose sliced raw fish with different fresh vegetables and slices of pear. We put red pepper sauce, soy bean paste sauce. Its taste was fantastic. We could feel the texture of fish, because main fish was very lively. The restaurant was very clean, of course they started up their business since a few days ago. ah, its price was really not expensive.
So I was surprised at our best choice ; good quality and low price. We can seat in terrace in open air.

Stimulating herbs

A kind of greeny herb Posted by Hello

Today, weather couldn't be better. Bright sun, high sky, several flowers along the street.
Normally, an air of spring makes us feel languid. Maybe, due to the lassitude of spring, I feel too lazy to work. I have not a good appetite. so in spring, there are many herbs that can stimulate our appetite. This morning, I had a fresh herb salad. Green et fresh herbs are very good for our health. It contains a plenty of vitamin C. So, it's good for our skin.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Favory temptation from Turkey

Turkish delight Posted by Hello

One of my colleagues brought that famous Turkish delight from a long journey to Turkey. Turkish delight means a jellied candy typically flavored with rose water. Some pistachios were included.
History of Turkish delight dates back to over 500 years. It is one of the oldest sweets in the world. According to legend, Sultan summoned all experts of confectionery and ordered them to make a unique dessert. The sultan found Turkish light so tasty. It stimulates the appetite. So sultans insisted on serving always this Turkish delight at their daily meals. Turkish delight became a treat very famous and traditional over hundreds of years. Turkish delight are very various from strawberry, mint, orange to pistachio, hazelnut, etc. I heard that Turkish fashionable ladies offered it as gift and Turkish serve it on birthday or special holiday. Since it remains fresh for 6 ∼12 months, we can have enough time to taste.
It is said that Picasso used to have Turkish delight on daily basis to concentrate his work while Winston Churchill and Napoleon liked pistachio filling. It’ll be okay to let Turkish delight in a cool and fresh place. But it’s not necessary to think of storage condition, because I already cleaned alone Turkish delight’s box. Am I gourmand ?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Flavory messenger of Spring

Colorful flowers Posted by Hello

It is a saying that swallow is a messanger of spring. But I think different colorful flowers bring a spring. I like flowers, not artificial ones. Sometimes, when I pass in front of flower shop, I buy them thinking of my mother, because she likes them very much.
This morning, going to a company, I saw a ray of bright sun. It was too bright to look straight.
Bright sun clear off our care and stress as well as cloud.
Hear and smell that spring has already approched to us

A mysterious taste of Porridge

Green tea powder Posted by Hello

Nowadays, I adhere uncommonly to porridge. Especially porridge of the flesh of a clam along with different vegetables. I cut vegetables like carrot, a young pumpkin, mushroom into small slices. If cut too small piecs, we can't have a feeling of chewing with a crunching sound.
I tried other variations with using some hard-shelled mussel,oyester, cod, shrimp. But I found clam the best. Why ? It goes well with crunchy vegetables. Although clam is a kind of fish, it doens't give forth excessively a typical ordor of fish family. It's very mild and light. Besides it, it make us feel chewing something.
As a finish up, I sprinkle green tea powder as well as salt with parched seasam.
You know that green color stimulates our appetite ?
Greeny color is associated with roasted tasty seasam.
This morning, I emptied a bowl of porridge. ^^

Sunday, May 08, 2005

New start

How about starting a day with a cup of capuccino creamy and freshy ? Posted by Hello

I did finally find how to use the tool " Hello "
From now on, I made up my mind to devote my time of developping my blog.
I'm so happy, As it's like my face, I'll try to make well up. ^^
Welcome every body who visits me.