Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A lovely experience in Chinese restaurant

As one friend of mine is living in outskirts of Seoul, our meeting place was decided as GunKuk university area. Although there are too many restaurants, bars, and singing rooms, why can't we find any cosy place ? It's too illuminent ! Me and one friend should have walked around that area twice. However, we couldn't find any place that was attracting our attention. Disappointed, thinking that we would give up to have a good dinner and this area is not at all appropriate to us, we found one chinese bar. As there were some menus for food, we could try to enter. We ordered a representative chinese food for us - Tang su yuk made with pork and lemon sauce, and sea food Jjamg Bbong, a little spicy noodle. Before serving our ordered menus, they served warm jasmine tea to warm our body with 4 small dishes such as sliced yellow radish, peanut mixed with sugar poweder, garlic soy sauce, and sliced picked radish. Besides it, a hot soup also was served. It was so delicious. Table setting was so nice. Decoration and interiors looked very comfortable.
How was food ? Tang su yuk wity lemon sauce. This menu is not so common. As trial, we ordered. It was so simple with lemon favor. We liked it. Pork meat fried very crispily, so we could feel chewing. And sea food Jjam Bbong. Yes, it was a little spicy. However, soup was so nice and good. As we liked this restaurant, our dinner time seemed to us so lovely. We brought name card on purpose to go next time. Maybe, this restaurant will be our special place. It was so pleasant time.

* Name : Chi Ryong Moon Gaek Jan
* Location : Hwa yang dong 45-81, Kwang jin Gu, Seoul,
* Tel : 82-2-466-1511

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kim Jang

Kim jang season came again. This time, as my mother was so tired, she decided to make just 50 head of cabbages. Why is it so difficult to make Kimchi ? Although I don't yet get married, I can't imagine it. Thanks to mothers, all korean men and children have taken kimchi all the year. I know, the numbers of house who buy kimchi at supermarket or normal kimchi store are increasing because of our busy life. However, we can't trust red pepper powder, makeup process of kimchi. My mother had to make it for herself. Just I helped her out to distribute them into different case for storage. In spite of easy and simple work, it made me so tired. Ah, I admired all korean mothers and grand mothers who have spent their time in making food for their family. On the contrary, korean men are lucky. They don't do anything for that. Just they taste kimch newly made. Sometimes, mother prepares steamed pork to take with fresh kimch. This time, No. From now on, I won't be able to take kimchi thinking of much time and mand hands contributed to make up of Kimchi.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Japense cold rae myun

I have not met my japanese friend for almost 2 years. I became to known her thanks to my colleague. She is his wife. As he is working in branch as the representative of japanese company, she can speak in korean. When I was in university, I tried to learn japanese. However, I couldn't keep studying because it was very hard for me to memorize japanese words and understand their grammer. I know that many korean think that japanese is an easy language to learn. I don't know why japanese looked me so difficult. As I was so interestered in language, I asked him to introduce his wife as tutor. Of course, I could teach her as korean tutor. Although we met a few times, my japanese level was not improved. Why ? We don't speak in japanese but in korean. I think that her korean level was improved. She brought me at Dong bu ichon dong, that is popular to korean as japanese street. As many japanese live there, there are many convenient facilities such as japanese restaurants, japanese groceries, bakeries, etc. As dong bu ichon dong was introduced to peoples through different magazines, I wanted to go there to see japanese style in Korea. We entered japanese restaurant. She ordered dong ga ts(pork cutlet), and I did Nang rae myun, that is served during summer time. Differently from korean nang myun, much mustard sauce is put. As vegetables, slices of ham is used as garnish. Although I don't like ham, Nang rae myun is okay. I tried it for a few years ago in Japan when I went to Osaka to see my sister. I discovered it so tasty. Taste was so similar to one that I've tried in Japan. Different one was that they put inside some corns( I don't understand why they put corns. This is normal ? ) Anyhow, I could enjoy japanese food in japanese resto run by japanese in Korea.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soup of Man dou

Personally, I like Man dou, especially hand-made Man dou. As I'm ratherly vegetarian, I like Man dou made of vegetables and korean Tofu without meat. In a few years, I sticked to make up of Man dou. I made everything from the wrap of Mandou and stuffs of Mandou. I put chinese sprouts, korean Tofu, zucchini. I mixed them with sauce of sesame oil and powedered seamse seeds. It was so simple and tasty. Today, my mother will make soup of Man dou. As Mandou needs many hands and much time, she won't make by herself, ratherly will buy them from Man dou restaurant. However, they'll put meat inside. I won't enjoy too much. As recently I feel so tired, I have no enthousiam of making Man dou by myself either.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Birthday party

With the very short term of my birthday, it's the birthday of my brother-in-law. As last year, I was not in Korea, they had a birthday party without me. This year, one italian buffet restaurant " Il Mago " was reserved for us. Before going there, I just thought that it's just buffet restaurant. Certainly, quality and kinds of food are not so high. I didn't have any expectation of this restaurant. Of course, my family who has been there gave me a very good observation of their food. Yes, it was true. Differently from other restaurants or buffet restaurants, food was so good in comparison with their price. First of all, there were a lot of sushi, which were very fresh made on spot by cooks. I liked very much pizza made with octopus black water. It was so tasty. I was cooked in wooden oven, pizza bread was so thin. On the top of pizza, nut powerders were sprinkled. I liked it the most. And japanese style U-dong was so good. Soup was very spicy and hot. I think that many ingredients and vegetables were inside this soup. It envigorated us. I wanted to take a strong americano coffee as dessert, however, coffee was not so strong. Yes, I could try espress, however, quantity is not enough as I love for coffee. So I thought of a strong coffee that every morning, I took in Europe, especially in Dublin.

It's so amazing. This year, I was with sister-in-law of my brother and brother-in-law of my sister. Our family composed of 5 members were increased over two years. Next year for me ? I hope so. After trying different foods, we had a birthday party with birthday song. How many candles ? ^^