Sunday, July 17, 2005


Glutinous rice cake Posted by Picasa

Injulme is one out of rice cakes what I like the most. It is coated with bean flour. It made of glutinous rice so it's moist and sticky. The main ingredient of this rice cake is bean. It's is very good for health. After harden, I put them in refrigerator. I let iced injulme thaw and boil them on fry fan. It gives another special taste.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Water is vital for me

A thermos bottle Posted by Picasa

What is vital for my life ? For me, it's water. Normally, I drink 2ℓper day. At lease 1.5ℓ. As my body is very dry, it needs sufficient water. At frankfurt airport, I bought a thermo bottle. In fact, two. one is for me, the other for my mother. As she like mountain-climbing, I offered to her as gift. But differently from salesman's saying, this thermo bottles are not well working. If we put cold water, it doesn't keep cool. Bottle's cover was not well piecered. So, the water was not well poured. Oh la la... it was inferior merchandise ? Of course, I don't hope so. At any rate, this bottle doens't function properly as thermo bottle. But it's pretty as photo shows. If I use this bottle, my colleagues think something special and good for health is in. Yes, the water is in. I can't live without water.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chicken Soup

SamGyeTang Posted by Picasa

Today is early dog days in chinese characther. Early dog days means the first 10 days period of the dog days. What is dog days ? I'm not sure why they name after dog. At any rate, it is originated from a tradition inherited since a long time ago. Amid summer time, our ancestors stood the heat by having dogs or chicken soup. Of course, dogs are different from domesticated ones. Sometimes, it brought many disputes from foreign country. Although I have never tried dog soup, I think that one country's tradition should be respected.
At any rate, everybody took chicken soup to get over hot summer. Personally, I don't like this kind of food. But my mother also prepared this chicken soup for us. Normally, we put glutinous rice, a chinese date, a jinseng, a chestnut, a ginko nut, etc. Glutinous rice is very good. All ingredients are good for health. So I can get over the heat ?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Keep same quality and same taste

Rice with a hard-shelled mussel Posted by Picasa

A few years have passed since I stumbled upon < Chung soo jung >. In those days, this restaurant seemed to me snug and neaty located along the street of Sam Chung Dong close to President residency, Green House. It was too small to find it passing by this street. What is the specialty of this restautant ? It's a rice made with hard-shelled mussel. According to main chef of this restaurant, she used rich seamsam oil and fresh mussels. To make it nice smelling and tasty, it needs much time and many hands. To my memory, it was a little different from making normal rice. So she had to stir a few times to be steamed to a proper degree. At any rate, when I tried this rice for the first time, I thought it very nice. I became a client. But under a popular mode that contemporaries seek for tasty foods, this restaurant introduced via mass communication like TV, newspaper and magazine related to food. Normally, if we order a standard meal, about 10 side dishes and 2 ji-gyes are served. Of course, rice made with hard-shelled mussel and today's soup are basic food. Today, I dropped by it to have a lunch with my colleagues. But I was a little disappointed with served foods. Differently from my expectancy, quality was deteriorated. For example, I could rarely hard-shelled mussels inside rice. Oh my god. Is it right rice of hard-shelled mussels ? So its rice is not quite tasty. Side dishes either were not tasty. Why ? I don't know why. I think that one out of Korean's defects is dishonest or trickery. That is to say, when a restaurant is famous and many clients come to a restaurant, owner is rotten with a bad attitude to client and sales. They try to omit a few ingredients or reduce food's quantity to maximize their benefit. So when I find a good restaurant or good food, I'm afraid of being famous to many people. I hope that restaurant owner keep in mind that client want to keep them their same taste and same quality, always ! Don't reduce quantity, Don't deteriorate quality,,,